FRP Removal

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What is FRP?

Factory reset protection (FRP) is a security feature found in devices with lollipop 5.1 or higher. If you trigger the FRP security feature your device will automatically lock to the Google accounts screen, when the screen gets triggered you must either type in the original email and password that was linked to your device or bypass the google account screen with an FRP removal service.



How to Perform a Google Account Bypass


 There are a few different ways to go to the Google account:

  • Unlock the device yourself with help from an instructional youtube video or blog post.
  • Use a remote (online) company that is specialized in FRP removal.
  • Find a  cell phone repair shop that offers unlocking services.


While deciding on how to remove the Google account from the device it might be difficult to choose a method that would work best for you. If you are good at finding your way around a Windows PC and you want to save a buck or two, unlocking the device yourself shouldn't be a problem. But, if you aren't as comfortable with using your Windows PC, it might be beneficial to check out an FRP removal service that will require either very basic computer knowledge or none at all. Many remote unlocking services find it helpful to have very basic knowledge of how to use a computer. You can also choose to go to a cell phone shop for your unlocking service. 


In Conclusion

If the FRP security feature on your device gets provoked due to the device getting factory reset without signing out of your google account(s), you are able to perform a Google account bypass. There are three methods that you can use to unlock the device 

  1. Unlock on your own
  2. Go into a cellphone repair shop
  3. Find a remote FRP removal service


If you want more information about FRP removal services, check out our blog post "What is an FRP Removal Service?" or shoot us an email at with any questions. 

Unlocking your device will take time no matter what method you choose. It is extremely helpful to be patient and keep a positive attitude while you are in the process of unlocking your device.