What is Frp?  Can you unlock non samsung or lg devices?
      - Frp stands for factory reset protection. It occurs when a device has been reset, it prompts you to enter the previously associated gmail.       - We only offer Frp unlocks for samsung and lg devices at the moment.
How do you fix it?  Why do i have to download software?
      - We have access to servers and special tools that allow us to perform many different unlocks.       - We need the software so that we are able to service your device. it makes everything easier for you.
Do you offer other types of unlocks?   Will the software give me a virus?
      - We are able to perform many different types of unlocks and we will definitley offer more in the future. but currently only offer Frp unlocks.       - No you will not recieve a virus, Our software is 100% virus free.
How long does it take?  Can i order if you're offline?
     - A standard Google/Frp unlock usually takes 5-15 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.      - Certaintly, but keep in mind that we will not be able to unlock your device until were online.

     - A windows pc, internet Connection & the device you need unlocked. Its That Easy!