Bypass FRP, Google Unlock, FRP Removal,

What Is FRP Lock?

FRP stands for Factory reset protection. It occurs when a device has been reset, it prompts the user to enter the previously associated Gmail account. This lock may also be called a Google Account lock.


How do you Bypass the Google Account Lock?

Our Team has Years of experience Unlocking devices Stuck on that horrible "Verify Your Account" Page.   


Do you offer other types of unlocks?

Of Course! Our team specializes in Google Account Bypassing, but we also offer other unlocks including Carrier unlocks!


How long does it take?

A standard Google Bypass / Frp Bypass usually takes 2 - 5 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection.



A windows PC, internet Connection & the device that you need unlocked. It really is That Easy!


Can you Frp Bypass non-Samsung or LG devices?

Yup! We can also Bypass FRP on Zte and Motorola devices.


Why do I have to download software?

The software we use simply allows us to transfer the necessary commands to your device. It is Used by many remote repair shops.


Will the software give me a virus?

No, you will not receive a virus, our software is 100% virus free.


Can I order if you're offline?

Certainly, but keep in mind that we will not be able to unlock your device until we're online.


Can I use a MacBook?

Yes you can, but. Using a MacBook will require an extra step. You will have to download third party software that mimics a windows environment on your mac.

you can find it here: https://www.parallels.com