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Our mission: unlockjunky.com  has a goal of allowing anyone anywhere in the world to effortlessly free their device. We believe that if you buy a device, it should be yours. Not Googles, Not Sprints, Not Samsungs but yours.


How we became the #1 Trusted Google unlock team

In 2015 google released the dreadful “FRP” Update in hopes of stopping thieves from stealing android devices. As I'm sure you’re already aware, this update prevents users from accessing the device when its factory reset( Hard Reset), instead... you’re prompted to enter the Username and Password of the Google Account Originally Associated with the device.


In 2015 I ( Marcus ) worked at a small but Busy Metro PCS ( T-mobile Owned Company ). We received about 260 activations ( Phones sold ) each month. About 30% came back the following month wondering why the device i sold them was asking for "the previous Google account ” Me, not knowing anything about this “FRP” lock thing just stood there….Google: “How to Remove Google account lock from samsung__”


Conversations went something like this:


Customer: “ Hey Marcus, you sold me this device last month. I Factory reset it and now its asking for a Google Username and password ”


          Me: “Have you tried signing into your Google account?”..


          Customer: “Yea, doesn't work. want me to give you the info to try?”


          Me: “Um, Sure I guess I can try ( almost never worked )”


          Customer: “so what now? You have some magical device that can fix it instantly               right?”


          Me: “Google: How to bypass google account on Samsung….”


            More likely than not the customer left with a locked device.


After about 3 months of only being able to unlock about 10% of the devices that came in, I felt a calling. I was tired of leaving good customers to fight a losing battle with a multi billion dollar company.

       Over the Next 2 months, I spent every second of my free time trying to figure Google account locks out. I was learning combo files, eng roots, ADB commands, Odin, firmware files etc... I was equipping myself with the necessary skills to help the people at work out, and without realizing it. I was building a customer base. Making about $400/month from unlocks, I quit metro to build " A Remote FRP unlocking company" A company that could remotely unlock anyone's devices from anywhere in the world in minutes. it didn't take long for me to realize that I couldn't do it on my own. Mariah joined on board as a blog writer, Jay joined the team as the developer/software engineer and John joined as the lead technician.


Fast forward 4 years later. our mission has stayed the same, we just do things a bit differently. The unlockjunky team exists to make unlocking your device Easy, Fast, Affordable, and safe.




The Team:

Owner/Technician: Marcus


Blog writer/technician: Mariah


Software dev/programer: Jay


Lead Technician: John


Why Choose the Unlockjunky team


We're awesome! Trusted in the community, offer affordable instant unlocks and Money back guarantee if for some reason we cannot unlock your device.

Start a live chat below and ill give you a few more reasons :)