How it works?

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What You Will Need:

  • Windows Computer
    • You can also use a  Macbook to complete the process, but you will need to take a few extra steps to complete the process. Contact our 24/7 technical support staff for more information.
  • A stable internet connection. 
  • A data cable. 9 out of 10 regular charging cables are in fact data cables so you can simply have your regular charging cable, but please be sure that you have a extra cable on hand just incase the cable that you are using is not a data cable.
  • A Smile :)


Lets Order Your Unlock


Our example will be for ordering a FRP bypass (Google Unlock) for a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U). The ordering process for all of our other devices/unlocks is incredibly similar. If you have any questions about how to order, please don't hesitate to contact one of our technical support team members or start a live chat with our technician (if you are ordering during business hours).


Step One:

  • Go to the UnlockJunky home screen and find the three white rectangles that say “Select brand”, “Model”, and “Unlock type”.

 UnlockJunky HomeScreen

Step Two

  • Click “Select brand” and choose your mobile devices brand. In our case we will be choosing “Samsung”.

 UnlockJunky Home Screen Brand Samsung

Step Three:

  • Now that you have the brand of your mobile device, go to the next white rectangle “Model” and find the model. We will be choosing “Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U)”.
    • Please Keep In Mind: If you do not find your device on our list send our 24/7 technical support staff or technician (If we are online) a quick message asking if we unlock your specific device. Make sure that you include the brand, model, model number, and unlock type. It would also be extremely helpful if you tell the team member that you are talking to what carrier the device is on.

UnlockJunky Homescreen Brand Samsung Model Galaxy S8

Step Four:

  • What unlock are you looking to get? Click and choose the “Unlock type” that you want. In our example we will be choosing “Google unlock” because we are looking to Bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U).

UnlockJunky Brand Samsung Model Galaxy S8 Unlock Type Google Unlock

Step Five:

  • Click the blue “Unlock” button to the right and you will be brought to our order screen. The UnlockJunky order screen will ask you to provide an email address that our technical support team can contact you at and a coupon code if you choose to use one. Then click the large “Proceed” button below.

Purchase your FRP bypass with UnlockJunky

Step Six:

  • Once you click the “Proceed button you will be brought to the PayPal checkout page. You can use your paypal account or a credit/debit card to proceed with the payment.
    • Keep in mind: We use Paypal to process your payments to ensure absolute safety for your money and information.

What Do I Do Next?


Step One:


  • Download and install the remote client program (USB redirector program) onto your Windows PC.
    • You should receive a instructional email once your payment is complete. The email will include the following instructions and our remote client program (USB redirector program) that you will need to install and open on your Windows PC.


If you have not received the instructional email after you have ordered, don’t panic just send a quick email that lets our 24/7 technical support team know that you have completed your order and that you will need the USB redirector program and further instructions, please include the email that you ordered with, your name, and your order number.


You can also start a live chat with our technician (if we are online) and they can send your the USB redirector program through the chat and walk you through the process while they are completing the unlock. Again, please make sure that you provide the technician with your email that you ordered with, your name, and the order number.

 Bypass the FRP lock on your mobile device with UnlockJunky using our USB redirector program

Step Two:

  • Open the remote client program (USB redirector program) and enter the tech address
    • The tech address must be typed exactly like this! I would recommend copy/paste to ensure that the address is the same.

The remote tech address needed to use the USB program so that you can FRP bypass your Android device

Step Three:

  • Start a live chat with our technician at You will find the chat-box in the bottom right-hand corner.
    • Please check that we are online starting a live chat. If we are not online send an email to our 24/7 technical support team so that you can set up an appointment with our technician if you have not already done so.

If you are looking to FRP bypass your device with UnlockJunky you will need to start a live chat with our Remote Technician

Step Four:

  • Plug your locked mobile device into your Windows PC. The remote client program (USB redirector program) must go to step 2 “Waiting for technician to start servicing your device” otherwise we will be unable to service your mobile device.
    • ***If you do not know how to put the device into Fastboot/Bootloader ask your technician for instructions because the button combo can vary.***
    • In the case that you are unsure on how to put the device into FTM mode you can ask your technician and they will gladly assist you.
    • If you are completing a FRP Bypass on a Samsung device please make sure that the mobile device is on the “Google Account Verification” screen.
    • For you to bypass the FRP lock on your Motorola please put the device into Fastboot/Bootloader mode
    • If you are FRP bypassing a ZTE put the mobile device into FTM
    • If you are unlocking a LG please put the device into Download mode


Step 5:

  • Allow 5 minutes for us to bypass the Google account or complete your unlock. When you see step 3 in the remote client program (USB redirector program) this means that we are working on your device.
    • Done! After the unlock is complete you’ll see the remote client program (USB redirector program) go into step 4 “Servicing of your device has been finished”. You’ll also receive another email to confirm that your order is complete.

When you are on step 3 on the USB redirector program our remote technician is bypassing the FRP lock on your Android device


Once the USB redirector program is on the 4th and final step your FRP bypass is complete